An odd error with printing to pdf

Hello :slight_smile: I’ve noticed a very, INCREDIBLY annoying bug when printing out (on paper) a document generated by “save to pdf” in Chrome…

the cyryllic fonts look like being bolded, like their font weight was increased 2 times.

  1. chose “save as pdf” in Chrome - the file looked superb, it was awesome :slight_smile:
  2. printed it out on paper, using AdobeReader DC - the cyryllic font looked like being bolded.

This errors occur EVERY single time and I have no idea why :frowning: My HTML&CSS is good, the pdf looks great - but when I print, it’s FUBAR…

What’s wrong?

I’ve used the cyrylilic fonts from here:
Church Slavonic Fonts in Unicode (

I’ve had this before. If you look inside the output from Chrome’s save to pdf seems to produce pretty garbage internals that look fine. They seem to really confuse printers. I got around it by using a different pdf printer (the acrobat one) but it’s annoying that it’s not making a good output.