Paged.js — Paged Media approaches : page floats

In CSS specifications, the float property is very interesting. The property indicates that an element is to be removed from the normal flow and instead be placed into a different place - currently, on the right or left side of its container. Text and other inline elements will then surround the floated element. Automated TypesettingCSS layout designPage-floats

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Good night everyone! I found this article really amazing and I would like to ask if there are still any plans to implement these features in futures releases of paged.js. Thank you in advance and congratulations for the amazing work.

Any answer to this question?

That would be great but it’s not on our priority list right now. Footnotes was more urgent and the next thing is to fix some issues with how table and cell are break between two page.

Many thanks for the answer. Let hope we will get it it will be a super good asset for improving the layout specialy for report with pictures.