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print this pagePagedjs 0.1.40written by Julien on 1 April 2020This week, paged.js turns 0.1.40. Happy new release day! Here come a couple of fixes and some new featuresNew release!The 0.1.40 is now available to download from unpkg or npm (and our release page.In this release:@julientaq added support for the position: fixed property: if one of your element is set as fixed, it will be repeated on all pages without having to struggle with margin-boxes, position: running or string-set. Be aware that the origin will always be the page, thus you’ll need to set up negative margins to your element to bring it in the bleeds.Antonio Norman (@antman3351) found a bug and its fix, when you had multiple string elements on the same page.Support for period in id attribute: . is for class and # is for id. But the specs allow you to use a . in an id! Paged.js can now handle <p id="#this.paragraph"> without crashing.@Stouffi fixed a couple of bugs in the chunker, and documented those quite well.Fred Chasen (@fchasen) update the Jest infrastructure so tests are now running fine.Guillaume (@mogztter) wanted to be sure that we’d all follow the best practices without having to spend hours checking our spaces/tabs issues, so he set up eslint, put is hands in 58 files, cleaned all the tabulation issues we had in the code and updated.Thanks to all of those who contributed :)Finding letters for Atla

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